Spark Your Child's Love for Maths

Fun learning through interactive play

“Maths is awesome!” Does your kid get excited with learning Mathematics? Or do they find it a challenge? Every pupil has different strengths and unique learning needs. How do you inspire them when maths is not their forte?

Besides hiring a tutor, why not also embrace the benefits of technology to give your child a boost? If managed properly, learning through the use of apps on smart devices can help kids develop cognitive abilities, while instilling a sense of participation.


So, how do we go about choosing a maths app that is able to help your child? Here are a couple of questions you can ask yourself:

  • - Is the content based on MOE’s latest syllabus?
  • - Does it provide personalised learning for my child’s proficiency level?
  • - Does it provide guided step-by-step solutions?
  • - Can I track my child’s learning progress, so I can focus on areas of weaknesses?
  • - Can I choose which topics to be assessed?
  • - Can I limit the time my child spends on the app?


Introducing a nifty little app that meets all the above criteria, while inspiring your child’s love for maths through games and quizzes.

The Brainy Arkies app is specially developed by Marshall Cavendish Education, the trusted publisher of numerous school textbooks widely used in Singapore and around the region. Brainy Arkies is suitable for students from Primary 1 to 6. With its adaptive learning features, the app is capable of setting quizzes according to the child’s level of maths proficiency, allowing learners to learn at a pace they are comfortable with.

With more than 18,000 questions set by MOE qualified education practitioners based on the 2018 MOE maths syllabus, your child can have fun while picking up the essentials of maths. You can review the solutions together with your child at the end of the quizzes.


Brainy Arkies is an excellent supplement in your child’s maths learning journey. Features include:

  1. 1. Questions based on 2018 MOE maths syllabus
  2. 2. Adaptive learning for every child at own comfortable pace
  3. 3. Personalised learning with guided step-by-step solutions
  4. 4. Insightful diagnostic reports to track your child’s learning progress
  5. 5. Selection of desired topics by parents
  6. 6. Parental control of play time limit through Study Mode

With the app, the child enters the world of the Arkies, the cute little inhabitants in the virtual world. Through a quest to build their own community and fend off invading monsters, the child has to answer maths quizzes to earn points and level up. Quizzes get more difficult as the game progresses.

“It was wonderful!” said Jess Woo. “My child has been playing this for years, and her maths has improved tremendously. She was even made a prefect because of her maths skills!” Another student Yunxuan Li is on her way to mastering maths, thanks to Brainy Arkies. “I used to fail maths, but I am now getting B+, and striving for A!”


Allow your child to enjoy maths anywhere they go. Through tackling challenges in the virtual world, your child will gradually build up maths skills without even realising it.

Subscription is available at $9.98 for one month, $21.98 for 6 months and $36.98 for a year. The Brainy Arkies app caters to students in Primary 1 to 6, available on both Android and iOS devices.

Brought to you in partnership with Marshall Cavendish Education.