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Over 25 years of research has proven that, if you pair the creative arts with learning, and by engaging your child’s multiple senses, you can directly enhance memory formation and retrieval, and increase focus and attention levels. So, how do you maximise your child’s learning potential by combining the arts and neuroscience? You can check out the following creative workshops developed by the Da Vinci Group (DVG), a home-grown, premium education provider. Based on extensive research and experience, DVG's programmes engage all of your child’s senses, stimulating their creativity and encouraging them to participate in abstract thinking and problem solving.

The NeuroCeramics programme

Creating pottery is a hands-on experience that engages emotions and stimulates creative expression. Taking this a few steps forward, the NeuroCeramics curriculum exposes children to multiple concepts and enhances their tactile cognition. Furthermore, the ceramic products created (and brought home) by children serve as trigger points for children to remember the concepts and lessons introduced and taught during the session.

The NeuroTheatre programme

In the same way, the NeuroTheatre programme uses acting as a form of art to engage a child's multiple senses. The NeuroTheatre curriculum is based on process drama, where both students and teachers are working in and out of roles. Various concepts are taught to children through carefully crafted drama scenarios and enable them to proactively challenge their thinking and express these concepts effectively.

Can’t wait to get started on your Klaytivity journey?

It's easy to enjoy a slice of the NeuroCeramics experience on the go, with KlayKit!

The KlayKit is a clay-based educational curriculum packaged into a playbox that contains all the ingredients required for children to get started on their creative journey. For children aged 2 and up, this educational kit is great as:

1) An affordable, clay-based learning game for children
2) Home-based, themed educational lessons in a playbox
3) Exciting hands-on experience
4) Interactive family bonding activity
5) Countless other possibilities

Not just a fun-filled experience, the KlayKit truly is an education in a box. Each kit comes with 4 lesson plans that will keep parents and children occupied with enriching learning activities for 4 weekends, having them look forward to their next Playbox theme.

The Da Vinci Group (DVG), founded in 2012 by Co-Founders Saravanan Manorkorum and Amutha Saravanan, is a premium educational and training services provider. Aimed at stimulating creativity and productivity through the concept of NeuroEducation, DVG created the NeuroCeramics® and NeuroTheatre® programmes where it functions based on the heavily researched and proven concept that engaging multiple senses while learning new information or skills can strengthen neural pathways in the brain.

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