Did you know that there are 8 types of SMARTS?


Each child has different SMARTS. The Multiple Intelligence Developmental Assessment Scales (MIDAS) assessment developed by Dr Branton Shearer
identifies your child’s SMARTS, so you can best nurture their potential.

Ability to use words effectively
Related partners: Inspira, Learning Journeys, Speech Academy, Megachamp

Ability to think conceptually, abstractly and see and explore patterns and relationships
Related partners: Kent Ridge Education, Computhink, IT Dojo

Ability to understand and relate to others
Related partners: People’s Impact

Ability to understand one’s own interests and goals
Related partners: Acorn Training

Ability to understand one’s body and use it effectively to express thoughts and feelings
Related partners: City Ballet Academy, Ohm Santih, Hybrid Karate and MMA

Ability to understand rhythm and sound
Related partners: MADDspace, Vince Music Art Studio

Ability to think visually
Related partners: Insight Campus, Thinkers Box

Ability to understand the natural world
Related partners: Young Nautilus

Find out your child’s SMARTS today!

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1. Take the test online OR at the Multiple Intelligence booth at the Multiple Intelligence Zone
2. Present the results at the Multiple Intelligence Zone for a free in-depth evaluation


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